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Nos especializamos en proporcionar a la comunidad local de Barcelona sabrosa comida vegana. Somos tres amigos que, en diferentes momentos, viajamos por todo el mundo para trabajar en restaurantes vegetarianos budistas en Londres. Ahora que vivimos en Barcelona, queremos ofrecer nuestros almuerzos veganos que son nutritivos, interesantes y sabrosos, ¡entregados a usted!

We specialise in providing the local Barcelona community with excellent vegan food. We are three friends who, at different times, traveled across the world to cook in Buddhist vegetarian restaurants in London. Now that we live in Barcelona, we want to offer our high quality vegan lunches – delicious food that is nutritious, interesting and tasty-  delivered straight to your door! Our Buddhist vision informs all ares of our lives, including what we eat. And we just happen to make delicious and nutritious lunches! Read more below…

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Siddhisvari - One of the greatest pleasures in my life is cooking for other people...

Creating an appealing atmosphere, sharing food and conversation gives me so much joy. Im a vegan basically because I want to cause as little harm to other beings and the planet as I can. I’m also a Buddhist. I have been practicing for 25 years. So I’m very aware that my actions, no matter how small, have consequences.
I moved from Melbourne Australia, to London 20 years ago to work and live alongside other Buddhists in a vegetarian restaurant next to the London Buddhist Centre. I learnt a lot during my 8 years there and my love of cooking grew and grew.
I moved to Barcelona 7 years ago (to be with the man I fell in love with!) and Feedwell Kitchen came in to being after a friend gave me Hetty McKinnons cookbook, Community.
Since then I’ve been delivering vegan salads to people in their work spaces and homes.
I enjoy working and collaborating with others and so being on my own hasn’t been easy. Then along comes Aryapala (a fellow Aussie) who likes what I do and wants to work along side me and share Feedwell’s lunches and vision with more and more people – hungry for an alternative: be it either the Buddhist Vision of the interconnectedness of all beings or just a healthy alternative to what you eat!

Aryapala - I'm vegan as a natural consequence of being Buddhist...

I’ve been a Buddhist and vegetarian for 25 years. Nowadays It’s much easier to cater for a vegan diet than it was in the 90’s. A Buddhist life orientates towards a reduction of consuming, suffering and confusion. Veganism is the natural consequence. Be it a total vegan lifestyle: no clothing with leather, wool etc, It follows, that in the modern world there’s no justification for the eating of flesh any more. But I understand that flesh and blood is an acquired taste, learnt from a very young age. My relationship with meat changed when I was about 20, I visited an abattoir. There is no ‘humane’ way to take the life of another sentient being. But… Rather than admit we enjoy eating flesh, we maintain that sheep and cows were created for mans benefit. I’ve lived in semi-monastic & residential communities for 20 years, sharing resources, reducing consuming tendencies – we gotta find a better way of measuring human welfare other than thevalue of economic activity or perpetual growth. I was lucky enough to meet lifelong friends like Leo when I started to learn to meditate. I was doubly lucky to find that my friends worked together in a vegetarian restaurant. My whole life was then to become a network of friendships, working with people I love and appreciate. Feedwell Kitchen is just a continuation of this love of life & community!

Leonardo - Cocinar es una expresión de amor y cuidado...

Desde que tengo recuerdo, mi vida ha estado rodeada de celebraciones familiares en torno a banquetes y abrebocas. Mi padre era muy buen cocinero y anfitrión, le gustaba mucho agasajar y ofrecer comidas esmeradas para amigos y familiares. Crecí en este entorno alegre y de celebración en donde todos participaban y ayudaban con lo que sabían hacer mejor hasta que no quedaba ni una cucharilla sucia al final de la fiesta.

Desde los 20 años y hace 24 años trabajo en cocinas. Es un entorno donde me siento a gusto. Intento nunca distraerme del sentimiento y fin de un cocinero que es el de nutrir, cuidar, complacer y sustentar. 

Mi vocación como cocinero se ha ido enriqueciendo de gastronomías que provienen de muchas partes del mundo y en particular de las tradiciones culinarias que integran ingredientes frescos, especies y técnicas para mantener en armonía nuestro cuerpo. 

Mi participación en feedwellkitchen se ha dado de manera natural, siempre amé el trabajo de Siddhisvari con quien comparto la afición por tradiciones gastronómicas del oriente medio, los libros del restaurante ottolenghi, nos encantan.

Mi amigo Aryapala siempre ha estado presente en mi vida desde que llegué a Londres, donde trabajamos y nos formamos juntos. Después de muchos años, me encuentro trabajando con él de nuevo para compartir al igual que Siddhisvari nuestras ganas de brindar comidas veganas nutritivas, llenas de sabor, sustancia y tradición a la cuidad de Barcelona.

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